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Age Group: 8-14 Years

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3 Live Lessons


1 Month (12h)


Robotic Kit

Self Learning

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Introduction of Program

BYOR or Bring Your Own Robot is a unique initiative by EdNex, where every student is provided with their own personal robot kits. This ensures hand own learning even during the COVID-19.
This enables them to practice experimental learning through assembling the robot and programming it for different tasks, for which lesson plans will be provided and thought via online platform through students id, login, and performance repots.

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What will be Deliver to you

Before getting started the course you be be get the Kit in this will be included things:

  • BYOR Kit
  • Lesson Plans
  • Online Portal
  • Instructer-led online delivery
  • Certification

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What BYOR Course can give you

As we’re witnessing exponential development in all the technologies including Robotics and coding, its more than ever required for the kids to learn and adapt these upcoming major fields which will be incorporated in all the other fields like medical, finance or engineering. Thus, it becomes essential in these times that the future innovators should learn the robotics and programming from basics to advancing levels so that they can serve with their proficient knowledge in the future.

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Requirements to join the Program

Anyone who’s at junior or high school grade can register and start learning through BYOR program, it is served at two
different levels as BYOR Beginners and BYOR Advanced to deliver the learners with right level of deliverables to ensure
efficient learning.

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Lesson Plan


12 Sessions


For Beginners

  • Exploring the BYOR kit.
  • Getting started.
  • Light Up.
  • Play Music.
  • Simulate Ambulance
  • Navigate
  • Follow the Line
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Design a theremin
  • Using Variables
  • Rehearsal
  • Project + Assessment

For Advancers

  • Exploring the BYOR kit (Adv)
  • Getting started (Adv)
  • Light Up (Adv)
  • Play Music (Adv)
  • Simulate Ambulance (Adv)
  • Navigate (Adv)
  • Follow the Line (Adv)
  • Obstacle Avoidance (Adv)
  • Using variables (Adv)
  • Script Programming
  • Rehearsal
  • Project + Assessment

(Certification upon success, included)


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Course Deliverables

  • BYOR Kit
  • Lesson Plans
  • Online Portal
  • Teacher-Led online delivery
  • Get Certification

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